Hey hey! As with any bar or restaurant we like to change up our specials, menus, and entertainment, so here’s a little run down of what happens at The Cambie Bar every Monday!

The big thing we’d like to chat about is the specials. All week long we have many different specials, but what makes Monday extra special is that all the week’s drink specials are put together to create a day of ALL THE SPECIALS! So basically, all the specials are on special. I’ve used the word special too much and it’s starting to feel like it’s not a real word anymore. Hopefully, the poster below helps explain it better than I can with my words.

Monday-Specials - The Cambie Bar

So like you can see above, there are a lot of specials (that word again) on every Monday, so no matter what your tastes are there’ll be something for you! If you have any questions for us please just reach us through our contact page or via Facebook or Instagram.

Monday is also our Industry Night. DO you work in the hospitality industry? If so, just bring some proof and you can get 15% off your FULL bill, that’s off your food and your drinks total! Pretty damn sweet!